Armed Hoodlum Storms Into Restaurant – Female Cook Stops Him Dead With THIS

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When an armed robber targeted a chicken wings joint in Virginia, he certainly wasn’t expecting THIS to happen! Watch as he’s stopped dead in his tracks by a no-nonsense cook and her husband.

He’ll certainly think twice before trying to rob a place again!

According to The Norfolk Virginian-Pilot, the alleged armed robber, Jabrie Brown, almost had his arm chopped off by one of the proprietors of Crazy Wings in Norfolk after he tried to rob them.

Brown, 19, walked into the restaurant Sunday and demanded that Kequi Wang, one of the owners, open the cash register. That’s when he pointed a 9 mm handgun at her.

Wang wasn’t going to give up without a struggle, though. She instantly grabbed the gun by the barrel and held on with a death grip.

Meanwhile, her husband Lin came out of the kitchen. He was armed with a cleaver, and he began hacking at Brown’s back and shoulder.

Eventually, Brown was chased out of the restaurant, while Wang kept the gun — which she believed to be fake. Footage showed how she fired it and quickly realized that it wasn’t — something that must have been a shock to a woman who had just confronted the man who had been carrying it moments before.

Watch the footage here:

“He not cover face, right?” Wang said in explanation of why she didn’t believe the firearm to have been real. “And then the gun so old.”

Brown was later taken to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital after police found him down the street, his back slashed. He was later charged with robbery, attempted robbery and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

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