ISIS Militant Tries To Kill Infidels, Gets A BRUTAL Dose Of Reality

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In this video, a group of terrorists learn the hard way that there is a deadly downside to the life of a radical Islamist.

Watch as these ISIS thugs get the BRUTAL wakeup call they deserved!

In the video posted to YouTube, an Islamic State group vehicle filled to the brim with terrorist thugs was targeted by a coalition airstrike. The aftermath left the thugs dazed, confused, and — most importantly — dead.

The video opened with a green screen description: “May 30th, Coalition Airstrike destroys Da’esh ‘technical’ vehicle near the town of Hit, Iraq, to degrade Da’esh combat power and to disrupt terrorist operations.”

A few seconds later … boom goes the dynamite.

The vehicle was wiped out in one fell swoop, and the chance for any survivors looked to be approximately null.

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