Loudmouth Obama-Voter Calls For Cops To Be MURDERED – We Need Your Help NOW

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In the days since the tragic shooting in Dallas that left five police officers dead at the hands of a radical Black Lives Matter activists, attacks against our nation’s police officers have been spreading like wildfire. Now, one loudmouth Obama-voter has called for police officers all over America to be murdered in a viral new Facebook post.

Hours after the police officers in Dallas were killed, Calandra Jones took to Facebook to praise the sniper for their deaths and to effectively call for more cops to be murdered. With these posts, Calandra displayed the race-baiting, anti-police mentality Obama has perpetrated in this country.

“I will not condemn acts of calculated violence serving as recompose for multi-generational, mutli-faceted, genocide. #Dallas,” Calandra wrote.

This basically means that Calandra believes these cops deserved to die because hundreds of years ago, white people owned slaves in this country.

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In the comments section of her status, Calandra continued to let loose on anyone who dared to defend the fallen officers. Colin Danger Gerke was the first person to try to give Calandra a dose of reality.

When William Harris stepped in, Calandra blatantly confessed that she supports sniper Micah Johnson in his quest to kill police officers.

Deanna Ida begged Calandra to show some compassion, but Calandra refused to relent. Instead, she took things even further…

Please head over to Calandra’s Facebook page here and let her know that SHE is the problem!

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