Patriots Leave Bacon Sandwiches On Mosque Steps – Watch What Happens Next

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A group of patriots in the United Kingdom were sick of watching Muslim “refugees” take over their country, so they decided to take action. Now, it has come back to bite them in a big way.

According to Daily Mail, two members of a pro-British gang have been imprisoned after they left bacon sandwiches on the steps of the Jamia Mosque in Totterdown, Bristol and tied strips of bacon to the fence outside. Along with the sandwiches, the men left a St George flag with the words “no mosques” and shouted at a worshipper.

The judge who sentenced the men submitted to Shariah law by calling this “an attack on England.”

Kevin Shaun Crehan, 34, his accomplice Mark Bennett, 48, Alison Bennett, 46, and Angelina Margaret Swales, 31, all admitted to taking part in this incident. Crehen was given a sentence of one year in jail while Mark Bennett was given a nine month sentence. The women were given sentences of six and four months respectively, but these sentences were suspended for two years.

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