BLM Hoodlums Break US Soldier’s Jaw – Then This Happens

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Obama’s beloved race-baiting group Black Lives Matter have been causing violence all over America in the last few years. They recently took things way too far when they assaulted a United States Air Force mechanic and broke his jaw, forcing him to push his deployment to Europe back a month.

American News reported that the 23 year-old Matthew Whitehurst was leaving a football game at Bank of American Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina when he was “ambushed” by a group of Black Lives Matter protesters as he walked with his friends. He later described the hoodlum who broke his jaw as “a black male with a red bandana and dreadlocks.”


“And there were probably 15 to 20 of them that looked like,” Todd Whitehurst, Matthew’s father, told reporters.

Race-baiters were at the stadium to protest the recent acquittal of Officer Randall Kerrick, who killed African American Jonathan Ferrell in self-defense back in September 2013, but police don’t know why they targeted Whitehurst and his friends.

“A bunch of hoodlums that are throwing their lives away punched my son from behind who is serving his country and has his stuff together,” Todd added. “I just drove home my son who has his jaw wired shut, and a mandible fracture in two with a plate and his jaw wired shut, and he threw up on the way home with his mouth shut.”

Though an American hero was brutally attacked, the mainstream media is trying to sweep this story under the rug. SHARE this story so we can spread it!

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