Muslim Viciously Assaults Girl For Being ‘Too Sexy’ – What Happens Next Is Even Worse

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Obama and his minions are constantly proclaiming that Muslim “refugees” are peaceful people who just want to assimilate into our culture. They conveniently ignore the fact that in Muslim culture, women are beneath men, and therefore many Muslim men have no respect for women.

A shocking video is spreading across the Internet, as the “refugee
crisis continues to surge with Muslim men flooding into Europe from the Middle East.

Video of the incident was uploaded to Facebook after taking place in Rotterdam, Netherlands. In the clip, a Muslim man approached a woman to object to her choice of outfit, thinking she was dressed immodestly – a sleeveless t-shirt. Hardly street-walking attire.

As Mad World News reported, he starts out the conversation by saying, “You dress like a whore,” and it got ugly real fast after that. Understandably the woman’s initial reaction was to argue with the man. But as with so many misogynistic Muslim men, that just set off his rage…

Without any warning, the man, reportedly in his high teens or early twenties, immediately slapped the woman hard, sending her staggering backwards in shock and pain, as his fellow Muslims laughed and cheered him on.

As he approached her for another smack, the woman tried to defend herself by hitting him with her purse, but she didn’t even get close. Although he missed with his second blow, he delivered a hard punch to the jaw that sent her crashing to the ground, presumably unconscious.

Then his oh-so brave fellow Muslim came up to, by one account, yell “stupid whore” before kicking and stomping on the defenseless woman.

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