Cocky Muslims Show Up To Beach In Burqas – Get A BRUTAL Dose Of Reality

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Earlier this week, we reported that Mayor David Lisnard of Cannes, France had banned Muslims from wearing burkinis, or full-body bathing suits, on his city’s beaches. Days later, this ban is still being thoroughly enforced, as ten Muslim women have been thrown off the beaches and fined.

According to Daily Mail, all of the women were confronted by officers at the Riviera resort of Cannes and told to leave the beach. Four of the women were fined the equivalent of $41, and all of them were handed warnings that will now technically form part of their criminal records.

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The Muslim women who were escorted off the beaches were all between the ages of 29 and 57.

“They are young mothers or grandmothers, and they do not believe they are criminals,” said a local source in Cannes. “All were very upset at the way they were treated.”

Muslim groups have called the burkini ban discriminatory, but Lisnard isn’t backing down. The mayor claimed that all-over swimsuits threatened to provoke people because of the number of terrorist attacks being carried out by ISIS.

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