Hoodlum Tries To Assault American Cop – Gets a RUDE Wakeup Call

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In Obama’s America, it has suddenly become “cool” to challenge police officers. In this video, however, one young thug learns the hard way that this might not be such a good idea.

According to American News, the incident in the above video occurred on Monday at 7:30 AM, near Hoover High School in Fresno, California. The official police report stated that it all started when a traffic cop saw “a student beginning to run westbound across First Street.”

“The student was not in the crosswalk and the pedestrian crossing light was blinking red,” the report continued. “The officer told the student to go back onto the sidewalk and cross the intersection in the crosswalk when the signal changed.”

Instead of listening to the officer, the teenage hoodlum instead chose to run behind the cop to the crosswalk and enter “into the intersection within the crosswalk but against the red signal.”

“The officer told the student to return to the sidewalk until the signal changed,” the report explained. “The student smiled at him and continued to walk westbound against the red signal.”

When the crossing signal turned green, the student was issued a citation for “pedestrian walking against the red signal.” This may seem harsh, but keep in mind that the young man repeatedly ignored the officer’s orders instead of simply listening.

However, the student continued to not comply with the officer and began trying to fight him when he was handed the citation. That’s when the cop slammed the punk to the ground and arrested him, causing the once-cocky hoodlum to beg the officer to let him go.

This video serves as a reminder to all Americans that when an officer gives you an order, you must COMPLY!

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