Muslim Thugs Get a BRUTAL Surprise After Attacking Victims

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In this video, a gang of Muslim hoodlums try to harass a group of people in the hopes of starting a fight. Unfortunately for the Muslims, however, it’s them who end up in tears once they see what their “victims” have in their hands.

According to Mad World News, this incident took place in Sicily and was an altercation between Muslim refugees from Egypt and native Italians. The migrants had harassed the Italians before, so when they started to again at the beginning of this video, the latter group was ready for it.

Armed with baseball bats and a handgun, the Italians left the refugees in tears as they beat them and taught them a lesson about respect, with one of the migrants even ending up in a coma.

Videos like this show us that the Western world is sick of Muslim refugees pouring into our countries and trying to get us to submit to Shariah law. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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