Muslim Disrupts Christian Rosary Prayer, Then Gets A NASTY Surprise

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A group of Catholics were peacefully praying in protest of the closure of a local church, a Muslim thug approached them and started blaring his music to ruin their prayer. When one of the Catholics stood up to confront him, the Muslim quickly learned that Christians are not pushovers.

According to Mad World News, around 20 Catholics were praying together in France hours after the funeral of Father Jacques Hamel, the priest who was recently “beheaded” by Muslims in Normandy. They were quietly protesting the closing of the Association of Catholic and Apostolic Chapels when the Muslim punk ran up to them.

Blog Catholique reported that when the Muslim started blaring his music, one of the Christians confronted him and delivered a massive punch that instantly knocked out the Muslim. After the Muslim hit the ground unconscious, the Christian dragged him from the sidewalk before the footage cuts off.

Daily Mail reported that no arrests have been made and that it’s unclear how injured the Muslim was.

Liberals are furious about this “assault,” but we think the Muslim punk got what he deserved!

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