Welfare Queen ENCOURAGES Daughter To Assault Girl – ‘Upper Cut Boo, Don’t Get Tired’

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Disturbing video footage shows a loudmouth mother encouraging her daughter to fight as the teen brawled another girl in the front yard of an Indiana home.

According to Daily Mail, the cellphone footage was shot on Tuesday and it shows the girls throwing punches and pulling each other’s hair while surrounded by onlookers. The mother can be heard yelling things like “upper cut boo,” “don’t get tired,” and encouraging her daughter to hit the other teen in the back of the head.

Neighbors told WXIN that the woman is the mother of one of the girls. She could be seen giving her daughter a high five at the end of the fight.

“The adults were egging on the fight, the mother especially,” said neighbor Mary Wilhelm, who watched the fight from her porch.

Wilhelm added that police have been called numerous times to break up fights involving this family.

“It’s not uncommon for this to happen at that house. We see a lot of fights,” said Wilhelm. “We keep getting bad reputations in Beech Grove because parents are helping their kids fight. They need to be the better person and stop that.”

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