Thugs Try To Rob 91 Year-Old Man – They Had No Idea He Had A Gun…

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When a gang of thugs saw a 91 year-old man walking alone, they thought they’d found the perfect victim to rob. Unfortunately for them, however, they had no idea he was a concealed carrier.

It’s safe to say that these hoodlums NEVER imagined that this elderly man was carrying a gun!

A 91-year-old Michigan man had just left his vehicle to walk into the Rite Aid in Eastpointe when a strange man approached him, behaving erratically. He appeared to be following him.

The older man told him that he had a license to have a concealed firearm. He hoped this would scare him off, but instead the man pointed an unknown object at him.

Instantly, the Senior citizen feared for his safety. In his defense, he fired at the man and struck him in the neck. The stranger was terrified, and started to run away. Authorities apprehended him across the street and took him to the hospital to be treated for his wound.

The Senior citizen followed a good protocol. When he noticed the stranger, he first warned him that he was armed. When the man did not retreat, he acted. He also paid attention to the ‘reactionary gap’ and thought through how effectively he could react in the situation. 

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