Muslim Refugees GANG RAPE Teen After Tying Her To Eiffel Tower

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Barack Hussein Obama and his liberal minions are always talking about how “peaceful” Muslim migrants are and how they just want to assimilate into western culture. Stories like this, however, remind us that this is not the case at all.

A 19 year-old French girl was reportedly lured to the Eiffel Tower this week under the pretense of a “date” set up through Facebook. The Express reported that the girl responded to messages that she thought were coming from a 17 year-old Tunisian boy, who she initially met up with close to the Paris suburb she lived in.

Last Sunday, the girl arrived for another date with the boy thinking that she would be having a picnic with him at the Champs des Mars, the park where the Eiffel Tower is. Instead, she was brutally attacked.

“It was a warm night, and she expected to eat strawberries and grapes, and to drink Coke, but then the attack took place,” a source close to the investigation said.

The woman was jumped and dragged behind a bush to three blankets that had been laid out. There, she was assaulted by three Muslim men who gagged her, beat her, and tied her up. She was then raped by the migrants.

The woman was found the next morning by joggers who heard her making a muffled noise. They were stunned to find her naked and sobbing, as she was in a deep state of shock.

Using computer technology, police were able to trace the three Muslim perpetrators to a hotel in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. Authorities managed to catch the men just before they planned to flee to Germany on Monday.

None of the refugees had official papers and all three of them claimed to be 17 year-olds from Tunisia that are seeking asylum. However, it was clear to police that they were much older than 17 and were likely from Algeria.

“An enquiry is underway to try and work out exactly who they are, and what they were doing in France,” the source said.

The three refugees have denied the rape, instead claiming that they engaged in a “consensual adult relationship” with the woman.

Stories like this remind us of what will happen if Obama continues to allow Muslim refugees to pour into this country. For the sake of our mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters, we can’t let this happen…

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