Charlotte Mob BRUTALLY Attacks Fox News Reporter – Mainstream Media Ignores

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The city of Charlotte, North Carolina has descended into chaos as race-baiters have launched violent riots following the fatal police shooting of Keith Scott, an ARMED black man. The protests have gotten so violent that the North Carolina Governor has been forced to declare a state of emergency in Charlotte, and things have gotten so out of hand that even reporters are being attacked.

Fox News reporter Steve Harrigan was covering the violence in Charlotte on Wednesday when he was attacked by a race-baiting protester after he dared to ask her why she is participating in the riots.

“I serve a purpose, sir,” she fired back, according to The Blaze. “[B]ecause, guess what, whether I’m here, I’m in school, I’m in my car… You said, ‘OK, a man got shot over here,’ right? So you basically said why would I put myself in danger’s way.”

“Exactly,” Harrigan replied.

It was then that the protester started screaming at Harrigan, telling him she “could get shot anywhere.”

“Do you see this? Do you see that?” she said, pointing to her arm and his. “Do you see me? Do you see you? We are not the same. We are human, but I am black and you are white, so don’t tell me not to come over here!”

Harrigan tried to politely tell the woman that he was only asking why she is risking her own personal safety to participate in the extremely violent protests, but she claimed he was “using sarcasm” with her.

“As people were running out [of the riot], I heard a lot of people saying, ‘They [the police] shot someone else.’ Does anyone know, did anyone see who did the shooting, or are you concerned that we’re not sure?” he asked.

It was this question that REALLY enraged the race-baiting protester.

“Oh, you want it on video so you can put it on the news, right?” she yelled, smirking at the reporter. “That’s what you tryin’ to find out: Have we got a video so you can elaborate out of it, make a f*****g fabricated story, right?!”

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