BLM Protester Brutally Attacks Fox News Reporter On Live TV – Media IGNORES

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The city of Charlotte, North Carolina has descended into chaos as race-baiters have launched violent riots following the fatal police shooting of Keith Scott, an ARMED black man. The protests have gotten so violent that the North Carolina Governor has been forced to declare a state of emergency in Charlotte, and things have now escalated to the point that even reporters are being attacked.

Since then, race-baiters have used the shooting as an excuse to pillage the city of Charlotte, looting and committing violent crimes every chance they can. Now, even reporters covering the chaos are not safe from the violence…

On Thursday night, Fox News reporter Mark Tobin was covering the violence in Charlotte when he suddenly found himself becoming part of the story. According to The Gateway Pundit, a masked protester approached Tobin and threatened him on live television. The thug flashed gang signs and then a gun sign before threatening to assault Tobin.

“I’m gonna beat ur a** if u don’t leave me alone!” the hoodlum screamed.

Welcome to Obama’s America, folks!

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