BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Caught CHEATING During Debate

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The final presidential debate took place last night, and disturbing footage has now emerged that Hillary Clinton cheated while going head to head with Donald Trump in front of the American people.

According to The Political Insider, the video above this story suggests that Clinton was wearing an EARPIECE to get help from her team during the debate. This blatantly violates the debate rules that have been in place in this country for decades.

At one point, it even looked like Clinton was talking to someone during the debate while Trump was speaking.

Clinton may have been talking to herself, but it seems more likely that she was talking to someone else through an earpiece or a microphone.

Throughout the debate, Clinton raised further suspicions by constantly looking down at her podium. Her final answer also appeared premeditated, as she responded to the question far too easily. Twitter also took notice of the fact that Clinton couldn’t stop nodding throughout the night:

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