BREAKING: Hillary VANISHED Minutes Before Debate – Is Caught Taking THIS

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Before the final presidential debate took place in Las Vegas last night, Hillary Clinton abruptly vanished from the campaign trail for days. Though some said she had left solely to prepare the debate, a disturbing new theory has just arisen about what she was doing that raises questions about her health once again.

Conservative Tribune reported that Dr. Theodore “Ted” Noel suggested Clinton’s personal doctors had pulled her from the campaign trail to give her a “drug holiday.” Noel said that Clinton has put gaps in her campaign schedule because doctors were trying to make sure her medicine for Parkinson’s remains effective.

“A ‘drug holiday’ is often prescribed for Parkinson’s disease patients,” Noel said, according to WND. “The problem is that Parkinson’s patients need increased doses of their medication as the disease progresses.”

The aforementioned drug holiday would “allow her physicians to get her drug-free for a while, so she can be on lower doses when the drugs are restarted.”

“She needs to be able to come on stage appearing to walk and smile normally,” and a drug holiday would ensure that she did that,” Noel said.

Noel has made numerous videos in which he claims Clinton has exhibited symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.

“She demonstrates unusual eye movements called ‘loss of vergence,’ commonly known as ‘eye-crossing,’ and ‘pill-rolling’ tremors in her hands,” Noel said. “To prevent others from seeing the tremors, she often places her hands in positions Parkinson’s patients commonly use to hide them.”

“In Parkinson’s disease, the drug dosing is a problem,” Noel explained in one of his videos. “Hillary, if she is going to be out in public for a debate, needs her drugs to last for something like two-and-a-half hours.”

“If you stop taking your drugs for a period of time, and then restart them, the drugs will last quite a bit longer,” he continued. “Unfortunately, this is a controversial practice because it can have some serious consequences. But it seems like a realistic possibility, because most of the time in the debate Hillary was able to keep people from seeing any real signs.’’

Watch Noel explain his theory here:

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