Megyn Kelly Gets Shut Down ON HER OWN SHOW After Presidential Debate

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Megyn Kelly has alienated millions of Fox News over the past year with her frequent attacks on Donald Trump in a pathetic attempt to appeal to mainstream audiences. Immediately after the final presidential debate last night, Kelly once again launched an attack against Trump when she confronted his spokesman Jason Miller on her show.

Kelly is well aware of the fact that Trump needs to win over female voters right now in order to have a shot at this election. That’s why it was a clear she was taking a major shot at Trump when she played a montage of the “offensive” comments he has made about women. The Fox News host then attacked Miller directly and tried to get him to admit that Trump is a sexist pig.

Unfortunately for Kelly, however, Miller refused to back down.

Watch as Miller refuses to submit to Kelly, humiliating her on her own show by defending Trump until the bitter end. SHARE this story if you want Megyn Kelly OFF of Fox News!

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