Melania STORMS Out Of Debate – Immediately Does THIS

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The final presidential debate took place last night, and what happened immediately afterwards gave Americans insight into the toll this election has taken on the Trump marriage.

Melania and Donald Trump had an extremely strong marriage until he entered this race. However, even accusations of cheating and sexual assault that have no evidence behind them have an impact of some sort on a marriage…

Melania Trump is not very happy about a certain portion of her husband’s debate performance Wednesday evening, and we actually agree with her.

During the debate, Hillary Clinton went after Donald Trump over mounting allegations of sexual assault. Trump, who has denied the allegations against him, said each of the stories has been “debunked,” characterizing them as “lies” and “fiction.”

He accused the Clinton campaign of orchestrating the news cycle last week, in which at least nine women come forward alleging that Trump inappropriately kissed or groped them against their will—all after the release of a video in which Trump was caught bragging about the exact same type of behavior.

“I didn’t see these women,” Trump said. “I think they want fame or her campaign did it.”

Trump then said something remarkable, that he did not apologize to his wife after the allegations began to surface, because he “didn’t do anything.”

While Hillary Clinton and her family stayed after the debate to shake hands and mingle, Trump and Melania went straight to their waiting motorcade.

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