BREAKING: Bombshell New Report Reveals Trump Will WIN This Election

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The mainstream media is trying to make it look like Donald Trump has absolutely no chance of winning the presidential election at this point. That’s why it came as a massive shock to many when an election model that has correctly predicted the presidential winners since 1966 has him WINNING in November.

It looks like Trump WILL be in the White House at this point next month after all…

Do not let the mainstream media, the GOP establishment, or anyone get you down or have you doubt our chances.


Hillary is the most unlikeable, and corrupt candidate to ever run for office.

She’s proposing another four years of what we currently have during a time when 76% of Americans want CHANGE.

Also, historically it’s VERY DIFFICULT for the 2-term outgoing party to take the White House again.

It’s only happened a handful of times, and that’s when the outgoing party is WIDELY celebrated and beloved.

FYI: 76% change is not “widely celebrated and loved.”

Professor Norpoth, a political science professor at Long Island’s Stoney Brook University, agrees with my view.

…and he should know.

His election model has been correct since 1996 on predicting the popular vote.

This 2016 forecast rests on a model that tracks cyclical movements in American presidential elections. It goes back to

It goes back to 1828 when popular voting became widespread, and the two-party system took hold. Over nearly two centuries, American presidential elections have exhibited a distinct cycle. This is not the pattern associated with partisan realignments that may last 30 years or so, but a shorter cycle that relates to party control of the White House.

Norproth made the prediction in March and says he still stands by his election prediction today.

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