Hillary Given A BRUTAL Dose of Justice Days Before The Election

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After the awful month Donald Trump has had, Hillary Clinton thought she had this election in the bag. Unfortunately for her, however, something just happened that could destroy her presidential dreams forever.

Now, there is no doubt that Clinton is indeed a criminal.

According to recent reports, James O’Keefe and Project Veritas have filed a federal elections commission suit against Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

The Federalist reports that O’Keefe has filed an official complaint with the Federal Election Commission.

This comes shortly after he release two videos “which expose apparently illicit actions by a group of political actors associated with the Clinton campaign, the DNC, and the White House.”

Of course, O’Keefe is referring to the DNC allegedly hiring Clinton supporters to protest Trump rallies and create “anarchy.”

Breitbart reports that the establishment media was forced to cover O’Keefe’s videos after Robert Creamer announced he would quite working for the DNC.

But the corruption doesn’t end there. The first video released also prompted Scott Foval to leave his job with another Democratic political group, Americans United for Change.

“So, I’ll give an example,” Foval claims. “In Iowa. Progress Iowa has a built-in group of people that they can message, who will show up. But what they will not do, is do that unless someone is paying them on the project. Because there’s staff time involved, there’s transportation involved, there’s food, lodging, training, whatever, involved…”

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