Hillary’s Slips Up – She Had NO Idea The Hot Mic Was Recording Her…

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Hillary Clinton has spent the month of October slandering Donald Trump’s name over a hot mic recording that was taken over a decade ago. However, she was recently caught on camera in a conversation of her own that she didn’t think would leak to the public.

According to Mad World News, a clip from a 2014 Town Hall-style interview has surfaced in which Clinton referred to those who support the Second Amendment as a “minority.” She then went so far as to call them “terrorists” as she pushed her anti-gun agenda.

Since this Town Hall, Clinton has stayed relatively quiet about her gun-grabbing plans in a pathetic attempt to become president. However, it’s clear that as soon as she takes office, she will start making moves to destroy the Second Amendment and ban Americans from buying guns.

Also, just for the record Hillary, gun owners and Second Amendment advocates consist of 100 million people, so we are FAR from a minority!

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