Trump’s Daughter-In-Law Drops NUCLEAR BOMB On Hillary – ‘We’ve Got Some Stuff…’

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The mainstream media is trying to make it look like Donald Trump has no chance of beating Hillary Clinton in the election next month. However, Trump’s daughter-in-law just went on live television to say that they have some dirt on Clinton that could cost her the campaign.

“Well there’s still a couple days left in October,” said Lara Trump, wife of Eric Trump. “We’ve got some stuff up our sleeve.”

While appearing with Lynne Patton, the vice president of the Eric Trump Foundation, on Fox & Friends yesterday, Lara said the family is “feeling great” with 15 days until the election.

“Well, listen, like he said, people have been preparing us for October and the last couple weeks leading up to the election and for quite some time,” Lara continued, according to Daily Mail.

“I think we all knew it would be tough, but this is new to all of us,” she added. “None of us have ever been involved in politics and I don’t think anything can prepare you for, daily, your family member just getting bludgeoned by the media, all angles, all sides, it has been tough.”

This came a day after Eric Trump spoke out to defend his father from accusations of sexual assault against him by multiple women.

“My father is a guy who will fight and he will fight for this country and he’s always fought for himself,” Eric said.

Host George Stephanopoulis then brought up People Magazine writer Natasha Stoynoff, who allegedly told six friends and colleagues about the assault when it happened.

“George, I just don’t believe it, I just don’t believe it. And then you come out with – with three weeks left in an election, three weeks left in an election. And you know what somebody told me?” Eric said. “They go, Eric, get ready for October. They told me this months and months ago, get ready for October. Your family will live through the worst, most unthinkable, hardest month of your lives. Get ready for October.”

“What they’ll throw at you, what the Clinton machine will throw at you, you know, the dirty tricks, the things that will come out, the things that they’ll orchestrate,” he continued.

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