BREAKING: Megyn Kelly ENDORSES Hillary – Sean Hannity LIVID

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Megyn Kelly has alienated millions of Fox News over the past year with her frequent attacks on Donald Trump in a pathetic attempt to appeal to mainstream audiences. This ended up coming back to bite her recently when fellow host Sean Hannity attacked her and ended up revealing that she is indeed a Hillary Clinton supporter.

GOP The Daily Dose reported that the fight began when Kelly slammed Trump for only going on shows that favor him, saying he “will go on Hannity and pretty much only Hannity and will not venture out to unsafe spaces these days.”

Hannity then outed Kelly, firing back, “You should be mad at Hillary Clinton. Clearly, you support her. And, Trump did talk to you.”

This comes after Kelly has spent months attacking Trump on her show in an attempt to appeal to mainstream audiences. We’re glad to see that someone has finally let her know that what she’s done to Trump is WRONG

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