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With just a few days left in the election, Hillary Clinton is desperately trying to win over young voters, a demographic that he has never been popular with. That’s why it came as a devastating blow to her today when WikiLeaks published new emails that showed Clinton ally Wendy Bronfein advising Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta on how to reach “f**king dumb” young people.

Bronfein, a marketing executive, told Podesta that Clinton “may not be the best face” to attract young voters and that she must utilize “trending figures” as par of an “infusion to pull younger voters” because “that’s the crap that young people pay attention to.”

“It’s f**king dumb but being ‘cool’ counts for more than it maybe should,” Bronfein added, according to Infowars.

She then referenced Bill Clinton’s saxophone playing as an example of what she was talking about.

“I hate to generalize a generation but by social media nature, they ‘follow’. So if someone they identify as cool endorses – they will likely fall in line with that candidate,” Bronfein said.

In another email, Bronfein introduced John Podesta in another email as someone who “could be immensely helpful in improving HRC’s connection to millennials.”


This is just the latest example of the disdain Clinton has exhibited for young voters, and is a reason why many millennials are choosing to not vote at all rather than vote for her. A month ago, Clinton was caught on tape at a private fundraiser saying Bernie Sanders supporters are “living in their parents’ basement” and had bought into a “false promise.”

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