Megyn Kelly HUMILIATED On Her Own Show – ‘Don’t Pretend You’re A Journalist’ (video)

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Earlier this week, we reported that Megyn Kelly was finally confronted for her Donald Trump attacks by Newt Gingrich after she called the GOP presidential nominee a “sexual predator.” Now, Kelly has been attacked by yet another major figure in the conservative world.

“Megyn Kelly is out of control! Megyn Kelly pretends to represent women,” conservative radio host Mark Levin said on his show yesterday, according to Mediaite.

Levin went on to accuse Kelly of being the one to “set a fuse” on all this talk of sex on the campaign trail when she asked Trump that question at the first primary debate about his past misogynistic remarks. Levin was also appalled by how Kelly carried herself in the Gingrich interview.

“She is auditioning, in my opinion, for a bigger forum,” the radio host said. That’s not exactly a state secret… Fine. But please don’t pretend you’re a journalist. And if this is the future of Fox, then Fox will be dead. Because this kind of National Enquirer stuff dressed up as journalism doesn’t fly.”

Levin said that while he’s no fan of Gingrich, Kelly was clearly engaging in the fight for “self-aggrandizement” and “self-promotion.” He also brought up the interview Kelly did with Howard Stern years ago in which she discussed her body and sex with her husband.

“She’s not some leader of some feminist movement. She’s hardly in a position to be representing anybody,” Levin concluded.

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