BREAKING: Hillary Caught Committing MAJOR CRIME

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Hillary Clinton was hit with a nuclear bomb on Friday when the FBI reopened their investigation into her use of a personal email server as Secretary of State. Now, WikiLeaks has dropped yet another bombshell on her by releasing a new batch of emails from her campaign chair John Podesta in which he told an aide to “dump all those emails.”

“On another matter….and not to sound like Lanny, but we are going to have to dump all those emails so better to do so sooner rather than later,” Podesta wrote to Clinton aide Cheryl Mills on March 2, 2015.

Western Journalism reported that the email is clearly referring to the emails housed on Clinton’s private server, and it was sent out at the very same time as the New York Times’ initial report on Clinton’s private email server. It was also sent days before Clinton’s press conference in which she addressed the issue.

The “Lanny” Podesta mentioned is likely Lanny Davis, special counsel to President Bill Clinton, and spokesperson for the president and the White House on matters concerning campaign-finance investigations and other legal issues. He was later brought up again in an email exchange between Clinton campaign communications director Robby Mook and Podesta from March 8, 2015. In this exchange, Mook expressed displeasure with the attorney’s promise of transparency from the Democratic nominee.

“We gotta zap Lanny out of our universe. Can’t believe he committed her to a private review of her hard drive on TV,” he wrote.

These emails suggest a clear attempt to mislead the public, negating Clinton’s story that she only deleted emails that were personal. Instead, she was clearly knowingly trying to obstruct the State Department and FBI investigation.

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