Hillary Had NO Idea The Cameras Were Rolling When She Did THIS

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Hillary Clinton has faced many humiliating rumors throughout her campaign, but one of the most pervasive has been that she has serious health problems and is a borderline alcoholic.

Conservative Tribune reported that a new video has surfaced that is making voters question whether Clinton is indeed an alcoholic. The footage was originally posted to the Snapchat account of New Jersey Sen. Corey Booker in June, but it was re-posted to Hannity.com on Monday.

The video, which was shot by Booker, begins with him telling Clinton that he’s taking a video of her for Snapchat. Things immediately get weird, as Clinton started dancing and snapping her fingers despite the fact that there was no music.

“Always happy to be here in Jersey!” Clinton yelled to the camera as she swayed around. Here’s the video of her disturbing dance:

The video makes you question whether Clinton is drunk or perhaps on serious medication.

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