BREAKING: Hillary Announces MASSIVE Hunting Ban

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With just a few days to go before the election, the always-cocky Hillary Clinton is already eagerly planning the first things she’ll do as president. What she has planned for our country shows EXACTLY why she is so dangerous as a presidential candidate.

React 365 reported thatĀ Georgia rap artist Whyte Hawk, also known as Steven Henry, recently asked Clinton if she had seen his music video “Gone Hunting,” which shows him and his immediate family going hunting. Clinton’s reply, however, was disturbing, as she said hunting in general needs to change in this country. She claimed that there aren’t enough laws in place to protect animals, and she effectively called hunting itself an act of evil.

Clinton went on to say that she would endorse the obtaining of all firearms, which would render hunting an unnecessary practice. She would then this Obamacare-led policy to create a grocery supply list of foods prepared for American families, and she would make it illegal forĀ other food and/or harvesting of animals outside of her policy. Anyone who is caught violating Clinton’s new policy will face fines or prison time.

This proves once again why it is CRUCIAL that we make sure Donald Trump beats Clinton on Election Day. SHARE this story if you’re voting for TRUMP!

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