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Hillary Clinton was proved to be criminally incompetent once again this week when it was revealed that she once asked that disgraced former congressman and persistent pervert Anthony Weiner be entrusted with handling a phone that is believed to have contained classified State Department intelligence.

Conservative Tribune reported that the State Department released emails on Thursday that Clinton sent to Weiner’s wife, top Clinton aide Huma Abedin, in August of 2010. In the email exchange, Clinton asked Abedin whether her husband’s staff members could deliver a secure phone for her.

“Maybe one of Anthony’s trusted staff could deliver secure phone?” Clinton wrote, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

This essentially means that Clinton trusted Weiner and his staff enough that she thought they should be allowed to handle classified information that was way beyond their purview.


Clinton’s only saving grace here is that Weiner was not outed as a pervert until 2011, one year after this email exchange. It was then that the public learned that Weiner had a habit of sending sexually explicit photographs of himself to women.

It is not known what classified information was on the phone, or whether Weiner and his staff got their hands on it. However, the fact that the former Secretary of State was willing to trust a basically random politician with a secure device shows just how reckless Clinton really is.

Once again, it’s been proven that Clinton is far too incompetent to be our president. SHARE this story if you’re voting for TRUMP!

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