Beyonce Hit With DEVASTATING News After Controversial CMA Performance

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Last week, we reported that millions of country music fans were furious after the race-baiting, anti-police Beyonce performed at the CMAs. Now, country music star Travis Tritt has risked his own career to take to Twitter to slam Beyonce and her performance in an epic rant.

After performing in Bowling Green, Ky. the night after the CMAs, Tritt took to his social media to post, “Sorry we weren’t able to do any Beyonce for all the country fans.”

“FYI – My band and I are gonna try to work up Beyonce’s ‘All The Single Ladies’ for all you die hard country fans who love traditional music!” he added, according to Taste of Country.

Tritt went on to say that his main problems isn’t with Beyonce herself. Instead, he didn’t think she belonged on a show celebrating the 50th anniversary of the CMAs.

“As a country artist I’m insulted that the CMA thinks we have to have a pop artist on our award show to appeal to big crowds,” he said, adding that though nothing he’s saying is racially motivated, he’s not afraid of being politically incorrect.

“Apparently, the CMA thinks Beyonce is as relevant to country music as Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette or Patsy Cline,” he lamented, adding, “I’ll tell you why! Because the CMA folks don’t think country music is strong enough to stand on its own.”

Liberals are furious at Tritt for slamming Beyonce, but we couldn’t agree with him more. SHARE this story if you stand with Travis Tritt against Beyonce!

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