Dixie Chicks Hit With BAD News After Performing With Beyonce At CMAs

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Last week, we reported that millions of country music fans were furious after the race-baiting, anti-police Beyonce performed at the CMAs with the Dixie Chicks. Now, this move has come back to bite the Dixie Chicks in a big way.

According to IJ Review, the Dixie Chicks effectively submitted to Beyonce’s liberal agenda by performing her song “Daddy Lessons” with her onstage at the awards show. Fans immediately took to Twitter to let the country band know that what they did was NOT okay. Many of them tweeted directly to Dixie Chicks lead singer Natalie Maines:

If the Dixie Chicks didn’t want to alienate their fans, they shouldn’t have agreed to perform with a race-baiting, Obama-loving, cop-hater! SHARE this story if you think the Dixie Chicks should have said NO to performing with Beyonce!

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