You Won’t Believe Who Just Got Off Hillary Clinton’s Private Plane With Her…

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Millions of Americans were stunned on Sunday when FBI Director James Comey released a letter in which he said that he will not be recommending charges against Hillary Clinton for her use of a personal email server as Secretary of State.

IJ Review reported that when Clinton landed in Cleveland, Ohio yesterday, she was greeted by reporters asking a flurry of questions about the FBI’s latest decision. She ignored all of them and kept walking.

However, it’s who Clinton was accompanied by on her plane that has everyone talking, as it shows just how little she cares about WikiLeaks and what they have leaked about her campaign. Clinton was reportedly accompanied by her aide Cheryl Mills, the person who infamously wrote in an email that the situation needed to be “cleaned up” after President Obama said he did not know Clinton used a private server, according to Twitchy.

Meanwhile, Hillary for America communications director Jennifer Palmieri took to Twitter to offer voters some advice on any Wikileaks drops that may occur prior to Election Day:

WikiLeaks immediately fired back at Palmieri.

Other Twitter users blasted her as well:

Others pointed out the true meaning of Palmieri’s tweet:

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