BREAKING: Trump SURGES In Latest Results – Hillary COLLAPSING

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The mainstream media has been trying to make it look like Donald Trump has no chance of beating Hillary Clinton in this election. That’s why it should come as no surprise that Reuters REMOVED two polls from their site showing Clinton’s sudden collapse among likely voters immediately before Election Day as Trump surged.

Infowars reported that the November 7 poll had Clinton nearly 5 points right before the election, and Trump surging by the same amount. However, the poll thenĀ mysteriously vanished.


After pulling the November 7 poll, Reuters continued running the November 6 poll, which still showed Trump’s surge and Clinton’s collapse, but had the two candidates running in a dead heat. However, this poll was also quickly pulled, as it did not fit the media’s narrative of Clinton dominating this election.


The latest poll Reuters now has is from November 3, nearly a week ago. This poll shows some of Clinton’s decline, but still has her firmly ahead of Trump.


This is just the latest example of the mainstream media rigging this election in Clinton’s favor. We can only hope that they fail in this endeavor, and that Trump comes out on top tonight!

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