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Hillary Clinton thought she was finally through with the FBI after they announced on Sunday that they will not be charging her for her use of a personal email server. Unfortunately for her, however, she turned out to be dead wrong.

Daily Caller reported that FBI agents all over the country are still pursuing an investigation into the Clinton Foundation. In fact, this investigation has consumed all the resources in the FBI’s Little Rock, Ark., field office where every agent assigned to public corruption matters is now working on this case.

“Everybody’s working the foundation in Little Rock,” said a former senior FBI official, adding that while there are at least 10 agents involved, it’s possible the Little Rock field office is “pulling bodies from other programs.”

This comes after it was revealed that an unprecedented FBI probe of this foundation has been launched in multiple cities including New York, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and Miami.

The FBI official went on to say that Barack’s Obama’s Justice Department has refused to cooperate with the investigation into the foundation.

“You need a prosecutor. And as we were going into this election season, this DOJ was not prepared to fully support the FBI’s tool box. I think that’s a big piece of the friction,” he said.

The investigation in New York has reportedly slowed due to resistance from the DOJ, but the official said it is still ongoing.

“The Eastern District of New York basically put a pause on doing any overt activity. Basically it put everything on hold. That’s the prosecutor’s office. But it’s not the FBI,” the official said. “They are not in the position to tell us, ‘no don’t do that interview.’ But they can certainly slow you down by not giving you the use of subpoenas or not empaneling a grand jury.”

The official then warned not to expect an indictment anytime soon.

“I do not think that this is anywhere close to indictment in any district to my knowledge,” he said.

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