Here’s What Hillary Did IMMEDIATELY After The Election

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Liberals all over America are stunned today, as they never thought Hillary Clinton would actually lose to Donald Trump. Now, it’s been revealed that Clinton herself never thought she’d actually lose either.

Time reported that millions of Americans watched last night as Clinton publicly refused to concede the election, instead sending her campaign chairman John Podesta out at to talk to her supporters and imply that she still had a shot.

“Well folks, I know we’ve been here a long time and I know it’s been a long night and I know it’s been a long campaign. But I know we can wait a little longer,” he told the crowd assembled at around 2am. “We will have more to say tomorrow.”

Minutes later, however, Clinton called Trump to concede her defeat. Now, the real reason why she didn’t give a speech last night has been revealed.

Sources are saying that Clinton never actually prepared a losing speech, since she was so confident she’d win. Clinton and her team have been furiously working all night to write a speech in which she concedes her loss, and she will give it later today.

This shows just how cocky Clinton and the liberal media were about this win. They never took Trump seriously, and it turned out to be their fatal mistake!

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