Megyn Kelly Hit With DEVASTATING BLOW After Trump Wins – Future At Fox Uncertain

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The Fox News community has been rejoicing ever since Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton on Tuesday. Megyn Kelly, however, hasn’t been celebrating at all. The Kelly File host has spent the last year relentlessly attacking Trump in the hopes of appealing to mainstream audiences, never thinking for a moment that he would actually win the election.

Now, this strategy has come back to bite her, as experts say she may have backed herself into a corner with it.

Time reported that after Trump’s election, Kelly occupies an uncertain space in the media world.

After the 2012 election, Kelly was seen as a Trojan Horse of sorts at Fox who could appeal to a wide range of audiences, thanks in large part to her refusal to indulge political strategist Karl Rove in his disbelief that President Obama was to be re-elected. Kelly tried to do this once again during this election cycle, but this time it blew up in her face. Now, with Trump as president, Kelly has found herself at an impasse as she asks herself: What does a figure who’s positioned herself in opposition to the establishment do when a massive number of her potential viewers see her as the establishment?

Kelly has now found herself in a very tough position. Clinton voters love her, but those voters will definitely not be watching Fox News anymore with Trump in office. This means that the vast majority of Fox News fans going forward will be Trump supporters, who see Kelly as the enemy due to her frequent attacks on Trump.

That’s why Kelly may have just found herself without an audience thanks to Trump’s win, and she may quickly find herself off of Fox News altogether. SHARE this story if you think Fox News should FIRE Megyn Kelly!

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