Liberal Mob VICIOUSLY Assault Trump Supporter – Media IGNORES

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On Tuesday, millions of liberals claimed they were voting “against anger and hate” when they cast their votes for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. That’s why its incredibly ironic that in the days since the result, liberals have been launching violent riots all over the country.

Now, disturbing footage is going viral of a mob brutally beating a man after they find out he voted for Trump. It should come as no surprise that the mainstream media is refusing to report on this footage…

A man who was caught on video while being attacked by three men as onlookers taunted him for voting for Donald Trump said the incident unfolded after a minor traffic accident.

David Wilcox, 49, said on Wednesday he was making a left turn on a road on Chicago’s west side when a black sedan scraped the right side of his car.

Wilcox said he stopped and parked his Pontiac Bonneville and asked if the driver had insurance.

‘Next thing that I knew they were beating the s**t out of me,’ he told the Chicago Tribune.

While Wilcox told the Tribune he did vote for President-elect Trump, he said no one in the crowd would have known that.

He believes the men attacking him were egged on by the onlookers yelling various anti-Trump taunts, including one person at the bus stop who he claimed said, ‘Yeah, it’s one of those white guy Trump supporters.’

The less than a minute clip, which circulated online on Wednesday, shows Wilcox in a blue hooded top and jeans, being repeatedly kicked and punched by two black men while onlookers are heard cheering.

‘You voted Trump, you voted Trump!’ spectators scream at Wilcox who at one point is forced to the ground before getting back up.

The victim is seen trying in vain to get back inside his car throughout the video, while the woman filming the attack is heard encouraging the perpetrators, yelling: ‘Beat his a***! Don’t vote Trump!’

Another person is heard shouting: ‘You gonna pay for that s****! Don’t vote Trump!’

In a subsequent video obtained by the Tribune, one of the attackers gets into the driver’s seat of his car as Wilcox tries to get him out.

As people try to shove Wilcox out of the way, he grabs onto the door frame of his car and is dragged along the side of the moving vehicle as the attacker takes off.

Wilcox, who was still holding on as the car sped off, said the attacker in the driver’s seat was going between 70 and 80mph and was swerving.

‘If I let go, I was dead. He slowed to 45… He tried to push the door open… So he stepped on it again,’ Wilcox told the Chicago Tribune.

The assailant in the driver seat of his car got away and Wilcox filed a police report but no arrests had been made as of Thursday.

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said officers are investigating the beating and who made the ‘politically divisive’ statements in the video.

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