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Hillary Clinton has been having the worst week of her life ever since she lost the presidential election to Donald Trump. Now, things have just gotten even worse for her, as a humiliating video slamming her has gone viral.

The Political Insider reported that the video was created by JOE.co.uk and is a short parody of the John Lewis Christmas advertisement, in which a young girl is given a trampoline for Christmas only to be beaten to it by the family dog. Here’s the original ad:

“President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama are now the mum and the dad, building their child a trampoline in the garden, only the trampoline is now the White House,” Metro UK reported. “Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is their offspring, the future of their family, and she’s eager to get to her new present – only along comes President-elect Donald Trump as Buster the Boxer.”

The ad is sure to crack up any Trump fan who can’t STAND Hillary Clinton!

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