Liberal Hack Lesley Stahl Gets DEVASTATING News After Treating Trump Unfairly During 60 Minutes Interview

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On Sunday night, liberal nitwit Lesley Stahl sat down with Donald Trump to interview him for her show 60 Minutes. Stahl quickly made her EXTREMELY liberal bias very evident, but this has since come back to bite her in a big way.

In the two days since the interview, Stahl has been annihilated on Twitter, and now tens of thousands of Americans are calling for her to lose her job. Stahl was incredibly rude to Trump, and she talked down to him in a way that she would never dare speak to Barack Obama.

Stahl had the nerve to accuse Trump of inciting racism and attacks against minorities, but she never mentioned the violent attacks that liberals have launched on Trump supporters in recent days. Here’s some of the hate she’s gotten on Twitter:

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