Howard Stern SHOCKS Fans – Admits He SUPPORTS Donald Trump’s Concealed Carry Plan

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In the extremely liberal entertainment industry, it’s rare to find anyone brave enough to risk their career by supporting Donald Trump publicly in any way. That’s why it came as a surprise on Tuesday when radio host Howard Stern admitted he supports Trump’s National Concealed Carry plan.

During his campaign, Trump said he believes in the right to concealed carry of firearms for eligible citizens and said he supports national reciprocity policy for all legal concealed carry holders across the United States. 

“When you think about it if somebody is a legal and responsible gun owner, let’s say in Massachusetts, why all of a sudden when he crossed the border is he an outlaw?” Stern reacted after his cohost Robin Quivers read a news story about this.

“Because each state has to permit you to carry or not,” Quivers said, according to Daily Caller. “And so when you go from state to state you are breaking the law if you continue to carry your gun. If it was national…”

“It makes total sense,” Stern interjected.

Quivers continued, “…you would just be able to carry in any state. And they are saying that many people who have carry permits, the majority of them, are the most law abiding people in the country, so why not give them the right to carry wherever they are.”

Stern, a concealed carrier himself, replied, “Well, Robin, it would be like, what if you got a license in Maryland…”

Quivers interrupted, “to drive.”

“And you’re driving and then every state you went to you had to get another license. It doesn’t make any sense,” Stern said. 

“It would make it difficult,” Quivers agreed.

“It’s a total blowjob on the Second Amendment,” Stern concluded.

Liberals are furious that Stern would dare to support Trump, but we’re so glad he did!

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