Liberal Lesley Stahl Runs Her Mouth at Trump… Gets a BRTUAL Response!

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Earlier this week, we reported that millions of patriots were furious this week after 60 Minutes host Lesley Stahl was rude and disrespectful to Donald Trump when she interviewed him on Sunday. Now, she’s taken things even further by publicly slamming Trump days after the interview.

Adweek reported that Stahl just spoke out to say that while victory has changed Trump, he is still very bitter towards the media.

“The bitterness toward the press is real, alive and deep,” Stahl said in a 60 Minutes Overtime interview.

While appearing on CBS This Morning Monday, Stahl described the president-elect as a man adjusting to the enormity of winning the presidency.

“You could see it in his body language, you could hear it in the timbre of his voice,” Stahl said. “He’s taking it, obviously, very seriously. I think, sitting there, it was sinking in.”

She also said that Trump blames the mainstream media for the violent protests against his presidency that have spread all over America.

“He has a deep animosity to the press, and he feels we are whipping it up,” Stahl explained.

It’s completely understandable that Trump would be bitter towards the mainstream media, since they have been against him from the very beginning. Stahl proved this once again during her interview with him, when she accused Trump of inciting racism and attacks against minorities, but never mentioned the violent attacks that liberals have launched on Trump supporters in recent days.

Lesley Stahl, you are part of the problem. You scored the first interview with our next president, and you proceeded to behave in a smug, classless manner against him. Shame on you, Lesley Stahl!

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