Trump Supporters Deliver JUSTICE to Megyn Kelly After She Trashed Him for Months

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Megyn Kelly has spent the last week desperately promoting her new memoir “Settle For More,” which came out yesterday. Unfortunately for Kelly, however, her months of relentlessly attacking Donald Trump have now come back to bite her, as the book isn’t doing well at all.

The Amazon page for Kelly’s book has been flooded with negative reviews that are sure to affect her sales very negatively. He are some of the reviews:





Kelly has spent the last year alienating millions of Fox News viewers by repeatedly attacking Trump in the hopes of appealing to mainstream audiences. This backfired on her when Trump won the election last week, and it appears that Kelly realized this would impact the sales of her book, because she immediately went back and added a juicy chapter to it in which she detailed the sexual harassment she suffered at the hands of disgraced Fox News CEO Roger Ailes.

Unfortunately for Kelly, however, it doesn’t look like the new chapter is making people want to actually buy her book…

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