Lawmaker Draws Up ‘Suck It Up, Buttercup’ Bill For Crybaby College Kids

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Ever since Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, liberal college kids have been whining more than usual, as they demand safe spaces and that they be excused from tests because they can’t handle the shock of not getting their way on Election day. Now, State Rep. Bobby Kaufmann, an Iowa lawmaker, has finally had enough.

Conservative Tribune reported that Kaufmann proposed the “Suck It Up, Buttercup” bill that would target any university that uses taxpayer dollars to hold grief counseling or any other ridiculous service for students dealing with the 2016 election.

“I’ve seen four or five schools in other states that are establishing ‘cry zones’ where they’re staffed by state grief counselors and kids can come cry out their sensitivity to the election results,” Kaufmann explained. “I find this whole hysteria to be incredibly annoying. People have the right to be hysterical … on their own time.”

Colleges across America have gone so far as to offer therapy dogs and other forms of counseling for students who can’t handle the fact that their candidate did not win the election. Kaufman’s bill would cut the budget of these schools double what they spend on their mourning students, and would make it easier for police to charge the liberal protesters who are blocking highways.

While we all have the right to protest, most adults understand that life does indeed go on regardless of who wins the presidential election. Instead of coddling the college kids, schools should be teaching them to grow up and move on.

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