Megyn Kelly Goes on Live TV to SLANDER Trump – This Is Getting Messy

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Megyn Kelly went into panic mode last week when Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. This was particularly bad for the Fox News host, as she has spent the past year repeatedly attacking Trump in an attempt to appeal to mainstream audiences, never thinking he would actually win the election.

Now, Kelly is trying to endear herself to the liberal media even more by vilifying Trump with outrageous claims, going so far as to allege that top executives at Fox News had to explain to one of Trump’s top employees why if she “gets killed” it might be bad for their campaign.

“Michael Cohen, who is Trump’s top lawyer and executive vice president with the Trump Organization had retweeted ‘let’s gut her,’ about me,” Kelly told Anderson Cooper on Wednesday, according to Slate. “At a time when the threat level was very high, which he knew. And Bill Shine, an executive vice president of Fox, called him up to say, ‘You got to stop this. We understand you are angry but she’s got three kids and is walking around New York.'”

“And he didn’t much care,” Kelly continued. “And what Bill Shine said to Michael Cohen was, ‘Let me put it to you in terms you can understand: If Megyn Kelly gets killed it is not going help your candidate.’”

This sounds a bit dramatic, as it’s obvious that Trump never wanted Megyn Kelly dead. However, the mainstream media is eating it up, as they love any chance to vilify Trump even further.

But Megyn Kelly isn’t getting away with this slander so easily.

She has been met with sharp criticism from Fox News fans, who have vowed to boycott her show The Kelly File. And she has seen her ratings tank ever since she went on a witch hunt against Trump.

And THAT right there could be the best justice that exists.

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