Rep. Congressman ANNIHILATES Liberal Reporter On Live TV Over Immigration Lies

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Republican Congressman Steve King just humiliated liberal MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle on live television when he schooled her on immigration and blew apart the Democrats’ talking points on the subject.

Daily Caller reported that King and Ruhle were discussing his qualifications to serve on Trump’s cabinet on Wednesday morning. The congressman said that his experience serving on the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security would qualify him to serve as Secretary of Homeland Security. He then told the liberal host that the U.S. needs to prioritize an immigration system that preserves “the American culture, the American civilization and the American dream.”

“Eventually we need to get the assimilation in place so that we could have cultural continuity on top of that,” he said.

Ruhle disagreed, saying that this argument theoretically could have been used by Native Americans to prevent European colonization, adding that America is a “country of immigrants.”

“Well, I just challenge you. Name a country that’s not a country of immigrants,” King responded. “Every country in the world is a country of immigrants, but these are our values here.”

“Greece is not a country of immigrants,” Ruhle fired back.

King’s response to this was pure perfection.

“Well, I was in Greece not too long ago, and I asked why when they were digging up the statues that had their hair painted blonde, why I don’t see very many blonde Greeks? The guide looked at me and said that’s what 400 years of Turkish occupation will do to you. I think they are a country of immigrants, maybe by conquest and not by peaceful methods,” the congressman said.

Democrats like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have often used the “country of immigrants” to try and and attack Trump, but King’s argument just blew this out of the water. SHARE this story if you agree with Steve King!

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