Megyn Kelly Reveals How She REALLY Feels About Her Fox Colleagues

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Megyn Kelly has spent the week desperately trying to sell her new memoir “Settle For More.” Unfortunately for her, however, the book has not been getting good reviews, so she’s now resorted to airing Fox’s dirty laundry in an attempt to gain some publicity for her memoir.

Mediaite reported that when Kelly sat down with CNN’s Don Lemon this week, she was asked how she’s dealing with “the guys over at Fox” after fellow host Bill O’Reilly publicly criticized her for discussing her sexual harassment claims against Roger Ailes.

“It’s like a family. You know, you’ve got your family members who you love and then you have like the weird uncle who you just try to avoid at the Christmas dinner table,” she said.

Kelly went on to say that she cares about her colleagues at Fox and has grown close to many of them. However, she would not reveal who the “weird uncle” is. Perhaps she was talking about Ailes, who has been accused of sexually harassing multiple Fox News hosts. She may also have been referring to O’Reilly, who she has feuded with on numerous occasions.

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