13 Year-Old Girl Reveals She Was Sexually Assaulted On PLANE By ‘Drunk’ Man

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A 13 year-old girl has broken her silence this week after she says she was sexually assaulted by a man on an American Airlines flight. Her story if sure to make parents think twice about having their children fly alone.

Every parent needs to see this…

A brave 13-year-old girl is speaking out for the first time after she was allegedly sexually assaulted while flying as an unaccompanied minor last June on an American Airlines flight. 

Mackenzie Miller and her mother, Rachel Miller, sat down with Inside Edition to discuss the horrific incident that reportedly occurred on a flight from Dallas, Texas, to Portland, Oregon in June. 

Rachel said she paid extra money for the airlines’ Unaccompanied Minor Program that is designed to keep young passengers safe who are traveling without adult supervision or a parent, so that she wouldn’t have to worry about her daughter being alone on the flight.

‘From the beginning of the flight to when they found her crying – tears coming down her cheek and the man’s hand in her crotch area – was approximately 30 minutes,’ the family’s lawyer, Brent Goodfellow, told Inside Edition. ‘It was a horrible event for this young girl.’ 

As soon as the plane landed, Chad Camp, 26, was arrested and charged with abusive sexual contact. He has pleaded not guilty. 

‘I would never think this would happen,’ Mackenzie said. ‘You see this stuff and you think, ‘That’s crazy,’ and it happens to you, and it’s just shocking.’ 

The girl’s mother not only agrees, but is also upset about what her child went through on the flight as she paid an extra $150 to ensure her daughter would be safe. 

‘You put your child in these people’s hands and you promise them that they’re going to be safe,’ her mother Rachel told Inside Edition.

‘You’re not flying with them, but you’re paying extra for somebody just to watch them and then it just all goes wrong.

‘He was able to touch her. He was basically able to do whatever he wanted.’

The family has filed a lawsuit against the airline seeking $10million in damages. 

When he boarded the plane last year, Camp – who had already consumed four drinks – was mumbling to himself and swearing near the girl, the lawsuit seen by Daily Mail Online claims. 

He ‘began to rub up against [victim], lean close to her and fondle her body with his hand,’ court documents say.

‘This groping eventually progressed to Camp touching her upper and lower leg and finally to her crotch,’ Goodfellow wrote in his lawsuit. 

Authorities have said an attendant on the Dallas-to-Portland flight was delivering snacks when she noticed Camp’s hand in the victim’s crotch area.

She saw the girl shed a single tear and quickly separated the two.

‘She was devastated,’ Goodfellow said. ‘And she didn’t want to be on an airplane again when I talked to her after the flight. She didn’t even want to be touched or hugged by her mom.’

In a statement to Inside Edition, American Airlines says ‘they fully cooperated with law enforcement in Mackenzie’s case. They say they care deeply about young passengers and are committed to providing a safe travel experience.’

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