Michelle Obama Staffer Gets DEVASTATING News After Mouthing Off to Melania Trump

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A fashion designer who has worked for Michelle Obama during her time as first lady made headlines last week by writing an open letter in which she announced she is refusing to work with Melania Trump once her husband takes office. Melania, however, just got the last laugh in a big way.

Conservative Tribune reported that designer Sophie Theallet released the letter last Thursday.

“As one who celebrates and strives for diversity, individual freedom and respect for all lifestyles, I will not participate in dressing or associating in any way with the next first lady,” Theallet wrote, according to The Hill. “The rhetoric of racism, sexism and xenophobia unleashed by her husband’s presidential campaign are incompatible with the shared values we live by. I encourage my fellow designers to do the same.”

“I am well aware it is not wise to get involved in politics,” she noted. “That said, as a family-owned company, our bottom line is not just about money. We value our artistic freedom and always humbly seek to contribute to a more humane, conscious and ethical way to create in this world.”

Melania has now gotten the last laugh, as it’s revealed she has so many designers clamoring to work with her that she does not need Theallet. On the campaign trail, Melania wore designs by Ralph Lauren, Fendi, Gucci, Michael Kors and Dolce & Gabbana, all names far more famous than Theallet’s. Each of those designers and more would love to work with the first lady, so Theallet can be assured that she will not be missed.

On top of that, Theallet has also received backlash from the fashion community for boycotting the first lady.

“It would be hypocritical to say no to dressing a Trump,” Marcus Wainwright of Rag & Bone told The New York Times. “If we say we are about inclusivity and making American manufacturing great again, then we have to put that before personal political beliefs.”

“First lady is first lady. It’s a position that should be exalted not disrespected,” celebrity designer Bradley Scott told Fox News. “I can’t believe anyone would basically spit at the opportunity. It’s so un-American.”

It seems that in attacking Melania, Theallet has destroyed her own career. SHARE if you think she got what she deserved!

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