MUST-SEE VIDEO: Bill and Hillary Jump Around Like School Girls on Election Day Thinking She Won

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When you think of election night the first thing that comes to mind definitely isn’t an excitedly Clinton can. But Live Leaks recently released a video clip of the Clinton’s reaction to early exit polling that indicated she had a lead. Apparently they thought this meant she had it in the bag. Because their reaction was childish.

Chelsea embraced her mother as they hugged. The former Secretary of State had a grin from ear to ear and the former President Bill Clinton approached the two and literally jumped up and down like a middle school girl.

This is certainly a contrast from the video of her berating her staff for their failure to clinch the election. Despite the fact that the real problem was her. I guess that’s why they say one should not count their chickens before they hatch.

One of the biggest problems of their campaign is their hubris. Their arrogance. Specifically Hillary’s. This was ultimately her downfall. Which is why she did not give her concession speech at 2:30 A.M. when the final results came in. Despite the fact that President Elect had made his acceptance speech. She still believed she had a chance to win even when she did not.

Her presumption knows no bounds and this video proves that yet again. Unfortunately many of her faithful lions will never see her behavior for what it is and cannot be convinced.

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